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Dashboard - The Success Club's Dashboard       

If you have not read Philosophy 1, please do that before reading the Dashboard.

Dashboard. When you are driving your car, the dashboard, or instrument panel, is very important in the functioning of your vehicle and it warns you of where any problems may be. Well, the Success Club's Success Dashboard does the same thing for your life. At a glance you will know the following (year-to-date):  How you are doing on:  Daily 10, Top 10, and Balance Wheel, as well as your financial status; how long until you will be out of debt; how much residual income you have; your retirement status, that is to say, at what level of financial independence you are at today, how close you are to your next level, and when your complete financial independence day will be!

The Success Club will teach you how keep a simple journal:

Daily - in ten minutes per day, you can score yourself on your Balance Wheel and Daily 10.

Monthly - in 30  minutes, you can score yourself on your Balance Wheel, Daily 10, Top 10, and your Financial Status:  Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Debt, and Retirement

Now when you look at your Success Club Dashboard you will know if you are in danger of:

1.  Living out of balance

2.  Not changing your habits for the better

3.  Not achieving your ten most important goals for the year

4.  Increasing your debt, instead of reducing it

5.  Not staying on budget

6.  Not earning enough income but, more importantly, building residual income

7.  Not moving toward retirement

Sixty-seven percent of all seniors in America are living in poverty (living on less than $1500 per month income) or still working! Don't let this happen to  you and your spouse. Learn the Success Club System for success! Live a life of passion and purpose, keeping your life in balance, changing your daily habits to achieve all your goals, including retiring earlier and better than those that never learn these secrets!

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