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Philosophy - Why the Success Club?     

Everyone needs to improve their quality of life! All great minds talk of the four key areas of life Spiritual, Physical, Social, and Mental. We, at the Success Club, add two others: Financial and Purpose. We call these the six key areas of life. If you are already financially independent at your desired level of income, you can remove it (or at least have someone do it for you), but most of us are not at that level.

I have been using the following system in my life and know that, if followed, it can help you become the person you have always desired to become and, at the very least, improve day by day--year in and year out.

Life Evaluation.  The first step to improvement is to know where you are at; thus, the life evaluation.  This will help you measure where you are in each of the six key areas of life.

Financial Evaluation.  One part of the Life Evaluation is the Financial Evaluation. This may be the most important of all areas. I was a full-time financial advisor for eight years. I have found that if the basics of life are not met (ie.  food, shelter, transportation, etc.) you cannot do anything else. So, your Financial Evaluation will be first and foremost in your evaluation.

Goals. Once you know where you are at in each area of your life, you can now go through the goal class and decide where you want to be in each of these areas. You will set long-term (greater than five years), mid-range (one to five years), and short-term (current year) goals.  Not everyone is a big goal person, so after twenty years of teaching goal classes, I have come up with the TOP 10. Anyone can decide on what the top ten goals for this year should be. This is the minimum one can do for their goals.

Daily 10.  Why do most New Year's resolutions (or goals) only last for three weeks before they are forgotten? HABIT! You have to change your habits. They say that any habit can be learned or unlearned in 21 days. Well, my Daily 10, if followed, will change your habits forever. The Daily 10 are those 10 things, if done every day, would change your life for the better. My Daily 10 for 2014 were:  Journal, Goals, Prayer, Scriptures, Cry, Exercise, Laugh, Food & Water, Family Time, and TILT (Things I Learned Today). Example:  Before last year I probably read the scriptures 50 days in a year. Last year with Scriptures as one of my Daily 10, I missed less than 30 days in all of 2014! You choose your Daily 10.

Balance Wheel. A balanced life is crucial, especially the older you get. When I was young, my life was 90 percent work and everything else suffered. You decide what percent of your time should be spent in each of the six key areas of life. Now we add one more to the balance wheel--Miscellaneous. This is time spent doing nothing productive, in other words, wasted time--things like excessive TV, Facebook, video games, etc. Two years ago I spent 17 percent of my time in miscellaneous. In a 17-hour day that was almost 3 hours of wasted time. In 2014, it dropped clear down to 7 percent, or 1 hour. "That which is measured improves."

All of these important concepts will be taught in the Success Club. As a subscribing member of the Club, you can go to your back office and watch tutorials on each of these key areas. You will then enter this data into your Success Calculator. The Calculator then puts this key information front and center on your own personal DASHBOARD.  See Dashboard for a complete description on what it is and how it works.

If you are not yet a subscribing member of the Success Club click on this link and join today!